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Kanopy is an online video streaming service. 

Cal State LA's Kanopy subscription currently includes "a select group of titles" that support the campus curriculum.

If you encounter a title in Kanopy that you'd like to access (that's not part of our current collection) you can click a link to request it.  We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to add it (it depends on the supplier, cost, and available library funds) but we'll investigate it and let you know.  FYI -- The LA County/Public Library systems also have Kanopy and they offer a much larger collection.  Please see this page for more info.

Please Note:  This is a Cal State LA resource.  You'll need to sign-in to use this database from off-campus.

Information about streaming media accessibility can be found here.


Kanopy Mobile Access

The Kanopy films can be viewed on your iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets using Apps.  Your first step is to download the app for iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store, or download the app for Android phones and tablets from the Google Play Store.  To use the app, you'll need a Kanopy account associated with Cal State LA. 

If you already have a Kanopy account, the account you created on the Kanopy web page via the Library Databases page, you can directly select Log In when you first open the app.

If you don't have a Kanopy account yet, following downloading the app, select “Get Started,” select the Find University link as shown below, and then follow the steps to create your Kanopy account.

Find University Image

  • Type in California State University, Los Angeles.
  • Select our campus name, and click Next to get to the campus login page.
  • Log in using MyCalStateLA ID and password. Please note when you type in your ID, please don’t include
  • To create your account, you need to use your Cal State LA email address, but you can use a different password for your Kanopy account.
  • Once you have created your Kanopy account, you can then login to Kanopy app on your phone or tablet.   

For help creating a Kanopy account on your iPhone or iPad, go to iPhone Help Page

For help creating a Kanopy account on your Android phone or tablet, go to Android Help Page

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