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Find Translations & Reprints in Books and eBooks

When researching world history you may find it difficult to gain access to physical primary sources or primary sources in English. Translations and reprints of sources in books and eBooks are a great solution. Use the library discovery system OneSearch to locate books and eBooks.

Use Keywords to search for common kinds of primary source materials

  • Letters
  • Writings
  • Speeches
  • Testimonies
  • Autobiography
  • Oral histories
  • Selected sources
  • Documents
  • Documentary history
  • SourceBook

Use the subject heading for primary sources: "sources." A subject heading is like a #hashtag in social media. Each item is 'tagged' with what it is about and the tag allows users to search for things on that topic, or click on the tag to get more items like it. In OneSearch's Advanced Search, use the first line to search for your topic, and the second line to add the subject heading "sources" by changing the dropdown from Any Field to Subject.

Advanced search showing the field dropdown changed to subject



Sources Online

Books and eBooks

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