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BUS 4970 Capstone: Global Strategic Management: Getting Started

Fall 2020 Cases

To access cases follow link below! Refer to your syllabus for the password or contact Professor Germano via email.

BUS 4970 Panel Research

Researching your company for the BUS 4970 panel involves using multiple databases in order to put together a complete picture of a company's strategic direction, financial strength and market position. The ultimate purpose is to gather as much relevant intelligence as possible in order to make an informed critique of their existing strategy while at the same time being able to offer refinements or new ones in order to ensure competitive strength.The following guide will give you easy access to the databases and resources you'll need to prepare for your BUS 4970 panel. The research is not really the complicated or time consuming part. The real heavy lifting is reading, analyzing and applying what you gather. If you have questions or problems see me during office hours or contact me via email or text (in the box under my picture.) Good luck!

Best thing to read: The 10-K. Focus on items 1 Business (Strengths/Opportunities), 1A Risk Factors (Weaknesses/Threats) and 7 Management's Discussion and Analysis of Operational Conditions and Financial Performance (Operations and Financial Statement Explanation). These will provide an in-depth description of strategy as well as operational and financial performance from the fiscal year end compared to previous year. Also, check out recent 10-Q's or quarterly filings. Read item 2 for a snapshot of where the company is at the moment operationally and financially. Finally, check out 8-K's for recent material events that effect the company's execution of strategy, operations and financial/stock performance.


Fall 2020 Panel Companies

As explained above, the most important thing you can review is the most recent 10K. Find strategy in items 1 and 1A and results (operational and financial) in item 7. All of the panel companies this semester have a fiscal year that ends on 12/31 so their 2019 FY results are available in their 10Ks filed earlier this year. Their first quarter performance (January-March) has been reported in recent 10Q's.  Their second quarters all end on June 30 so a 2nd quarter 10Q can be filed anytime after that date so be on the lookout for 2020 Q2 results. While they are unlikely to file a 10Q before August, they'll most likely do a press release or 8K. Keep looking to this space to check for Q2 results (the links will go live) or email me.


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