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One Campus, One Book (on hiatus)

Information about One Campus, One Book including book selection criteria, updates, planned events, and teaching and learning resources.

About One Campus, One Book

One Campus, One Book Program LogoOne Campus, One Book (OCOB) is a program designed by the University Library to encourage a common reading experience and sense of community at California State University, Los Angeles. Each academic year, OCOB helps select a book for the entire campus to read, and hosts programming around the book.

Objectives include:

  • Stimulate a shared experience through reading 
  • Inspire and support community conversations
  • Encourage academic enhancement through cross-curricular partnerships

Throughout the year, the OCOB Committee organizes a variety of events and activities, including an annual author talk in the Fall semester. For more information on previous selections and events, visit the "Past Selections" tab.

Book Selection Process and Criteria

Each year, the University Library forms a One Campus, One Book Committee. In the Spring, the committee reaches out to students, staff, and faculty across campus to create a list of nominated books.

The committee, along with campus volunteers, meets to create a short-list of books.

Books may include fiction, non-fiction, hybrid forms, poetry, and any genres. Books are selected using the following criteria (in no specific order):

The Book:

  • Is written by a local author
  • Includes relevant and/or local social themes 
  • Includes diverse characters
  • Has cross-disciplinary applications
  • Is an appropriate length and reading level for freshmen
  • Is affordable for the committee and for students
  • Is available in a needed format (i.e., paper vs. hardback, unlimited vs. limited access eBook)*
  • Is not too similar to last year's selection

*To plan during pandemic uncertainties and to ensure access for all students, the OCOB Committee will only select ebooks that are available in Unlimited access format. Please note that not all books are available for libraries to purchase in Unlimited ebook format due to publisher or vendor licenses. Librarians will check the availability for your suggested book(s).

Once the OCOB Committee compiles a short list of books, we send it out to all students, staff, and faculty for a vote.

The book with the most votes is selected and announced to the campus before the Fall semester begins.

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