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MGMT 4102 Comparative Management: Research Guide

Research guide for Dr. Laura Whitcomb's section(s) of comparative management

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Helpful Websites for City Research

Background/Country Information

  • Use Business Source Premier's "publications" link to search for information about your country in terms of economic risk, political environment and cultural norms
  • Access Business Source Premier from the link on the left
  • CLICK PUBLICATIONS (top of screen towards left)
  • Enter your country name; CLICK button for "By Subject and Description"
  • Review results; Look for publications like country guides, and country reviews; These will have information about everything from political and economic risk to etiquette.
  • Supplement your country research with information form the CIA World Factbook
  • Click the link on the left for CIA World Factbook
  • Use the pull down menu to select your country
  • ADVANCED TIP: Marketline also has country and city statistics that make great charts for presentations; Access the interactive country data by clicking "DATABASES" at the top center of the screen and use the interactive tool to create charts and graphs on key data points like population, economic growth, etc. You can even select two countries and compare them in the same chart



Global Industry Information

  • Marketline is your best bet for industry information. It contains industry reports by country for most major industries.
  • Access  Marketline from the link on the left
  • Enter your country name and industry
  • Select INDUSTRY PROFILES from the pull down menu and click SEARCH
  • You may need to filter results by specific geography using the 'funnel' icons on the left of the results screen
  • ADVANCED TIP: Use the interactive industry statistics information to create charts and graphs by clicking "DATABASES" and selecting INDUSTRY DATA; Use the interactive forms to create charts about volume and value of the industry in a specific country compared to another



Global Consumer Information

  • Global consumer information and data is available in a variety of places; You may have to check more than one database to find the information for your countries and industries
  • Mintel is a great place to start
  • CLICK the link on the left to access Mintel
  • Enter your country name and industry/product to get reports and data about consumption trends and patterns
  • Mintel is also a great source of information about consumer behaviors suring COVID-19; Simply search a country name and 'covid-19' for the Covid-19 consumer report for that country
  • If one or two of your countries is a developing one, use the Gobal Consumption Database by accessing the link on the left and use the pull down menus to get consumption information from a country and industry or product
  • Statista can also be useful; Click the link on the left and enter your country and a product or industry; Access Statista from the link on the left and enter your country and product, service or industry to see charts and graphs related to everything from top brands to industry growth and future projections
  • ADVANCED TIP: Marketline has global consumer analytics. Access Marketline from the link on the left; CLICK DATABASES and select CONSUMER DATA ANALYTICS; Use the interactive form to select your country or countries and the value and per capital consumption of specific products



City Information

  • Use the links under helpful websites for city research to find information about everything from museums to night clubs to sporting activities and more
  • The Not for Tourists website is particularly helpful since it is aimed at people moving to a new location to live there as opposed to merely visiting



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