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Cal State LA Faculty Authors

CSULA's Digital Repository, a digital collection provided by the CSULA University Library. This digital archive collects and provides access to the research and resources for students, faculty, and staff of the Cal State LA community.

Cal State LA's Digital Repository -

Open Access Through Cal State LA's Digital Repository

What is an Institutional Repository?

A Repository is an online database used by institutions to organize, capture, preserve, and provide access to the intellectual output of a scholarly community. They gather and disseminate a variety of scholarly materials; this includes not only publications in peer-reviewed journals, but also data sets, preprints, postprints, syllabi, theses, and dissertations. The idea is to provide open access to institution’s research output to the broader world.

The Cal State LA Digital Repository is part of the system-wide CSU Scholarworks project. It runs on DSpace, open source software for building institutional repositories. It is administered at California State University by the University Library.

The Cal State LA Digital Repository includes the following types of documents:

                  Open access publications

                  Cal State LA faculty publications 

                  Theses and dissertations

Why Deposit?

There are many benefits of depositing, also known as self-archiving, in an institutional repository. It ensures the long-term digital preservation of your work. It can be used as one stop place to gather and access all scholar's work. It makes work widely available and findable via Google, increasing visibility and research impact.

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