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POLS 1000


Go to the  tab ( on the library homepage and select database by name:


Communication and Mass Media Complete

Academic Search Complete

CQ Researcher

PAIS International

Los Angeles Times

Worldwide Political Science Abstract


*Try searching to the title of the film and the keyword review to access film reviews.

i.e. An Inconvenient Truth AND review


Limit your search by source type to Academic Journals to find scholarly articles.

For background info: Gale Virtual Reference Library

Media Bias

Political Journalism

Political Communication

Motion pictures and politics

Search Tips

Use AND to connect key words.

Use OR when you have more ways to say one key word. For example, you can use films OR movies OR motion pictures to mean the same thing.

Keep phrases together by placing them "inside" quotation marks.

Use wildcards *! to get different forms of a word.

For example, govern* will get you: government, governing, governor.

Using democra* will get you: democracies, democratic, democrat, democratically.

Limit your search results by:

Full-text - to get the full article, including saving, printing, citing, exporting it.

Document Type - journal articles, policy briefs,

Date - most recent articles.

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