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A comprehensive guide on using RefWorks. Includes directions and tutorials.


RefGrab-It allows you to import web page information into RefWorks, such as the title of the web page, the web page's address, and the date the page was accessed. It can be installed as a bookmarklet button to Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.

Using RefGrab-It

To use RefGrab-It:

  • Click on the RefGrab-It button and a window will open with references it has found. You can expand or collapse the results by clicking on the plus or minus icon.
    • To view the full reference, click on the show details link.
    • To export a single reference, select the record and click on the export to RefWorks icon Export to Reference Icon
    • To export multiple references, select the records and click the Import to RefWorks button at the top of the pop-up window.
  • If you are already logged into RefWorks, your references will appear in the Last Imported Folder.  Otherwise you will be prompted to log in and your references will then import.
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