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SciVal Trial

How To Access

Preferred Browsers: Chrome and Edge

Access Period: July 1st., 2022 - September 30th, 2022

You need to first access the database using your campus login credentials and then sign in to use the database.

1. Access
From the Library Web Homepage (, click Databases button below the OneSearch box, select SciVal from the Databases A-Z list, and login using your campus credentials.  If you have turned on your VPN, you can access it directly without any further login.  

2. Sign in and Register

  • Sign In: If you have setup an account to access ScienceDirect or Scopus on the Elsevier platform, you have an account with the login ID and password already, so you can click Sign In, a blue button on the upper right corner, enter your campus email address and your ScienceDirect/Scopus password to access.  If you forgot your password, click Forgot Password to reset it.
  • Register: If you have never registered for a ScienceDirect or Scopus account, you can click Create Account button to register.  Once you have registered, you can follow the steps laid out above.

3. Get Started with SciVal


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California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
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