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About SciVal

SciVal is a web-based analytics solution that provides comprehensive access to the research performance of over 20,000 research institutions and their associated researchers from 230 nations worldwide. SciVal allows you to visualize your research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop strategic partnerships, identify and analyze new, emerging research trends, and create uniquely tailored reports.

SciVal enables you to evaluate your own as well as your peers research activities from a variety of perspectives in order to help you evaluate, develop, and execute evidence-based strategies. The interface allows you to analyse over 55 million publication records from more than 22,000 journals of 5,000+ publishers worldwide. With access to more than 300 trillion metric values, and to provide context to analyses and to generate data visualizations to inform your decision making processes.

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How Can SciVal Benefit You?

SciVal helps assess the institution's research performance from a variety of perspectives in order to evaluate, establish, execute evidence-based strategies for all campus stakeholders, and allows users to analyze and gain insights from large amounts of research information. 

Campus Leadership

Through analyzing, tracking, and evaluating research performance to understand and benchmark the campus research strengths, inform strategic planning and decision making, support faculty recruitment, student enrollment, and retention, and help increase funding application and success rates.

Institutional Effectiveness and Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities

SciVal's management-level reports and analytics can accelerate institutional and cross-institutional collaboration, demonstrate researchers’ expertise and connect them with one another; and find the right opportunities and support grant applications.

Departmental Leadership

SciVal's analytics allow departmental leaders to gain an objective view of department performance, benchmark against peer institutions, highlight success and accomplishments, Identify well-funded research, increase funding applications and success rates, promote research excellence to industry partners, and retain and recruit the best faculty.

Faculty and Researchers

SciVal allows faculty and researchers to find literature, raise visibility and highlight achievements, expand their networks, locate collaborators and mentors, benchmark their research against peers in the same or similar research fields, identify high-momentum topics that are more likely to receive funding, help increase funding applications and success rates, identify pockets of well-funded research, and highlight success and accomplishments.


To find literature, possible mentors and their expertise, identify journals and authors to follow and research topics to explore, and learn fields of research and graduate study opportunities.


SciVal allows librarians to deepen their understanding of research topics and sources, enabling them to better support research and instruction.

Campus Communications

SciVal allows the campus communications personnel to stay current on core campus research activities, support effective outreach to publicize research and outstanding researcher, their success and accomplishments, and help with faculty recruitment and retention. 

How Can SciVal Respond to Challenges or Questions?

SciVal is an integrated modular platform that brings together the 4 key elements that underpin any evidence-based research tool: data, technology, metrics and visualizations.

Using Scopus as its foundational data source, SciVal enables users to configure, visualize, report and export information according to their personal needs and requirements.
Users can combine any set of simple and more sophisticated metrics to benchmark or evaluate a research entities productivity, citation impact, awarded grants, mass media mentions or collaboration profile. This enables them to understand, for example, their own position relative to that of their peers, as well as relative to global and national benchmarks.

Users can also configure the visualizations to their personal requirements so that they are relevant to their challenges or questions, such as:

  • I want to benchmark my Institution against our peers, and my departments would like to benchmark themselves also. How can we all do this effectively to suit our different realities?
  • My Dean is going to Mexico, who do our academics collaborate with there?
  • How can we demonstrate excellence in a way that best shows our unique strengths to secure funding and attract students?
  • I want to explore the various scenarios I’m considering setting up a center of excellence. How can the data provide me with insights?
  • How is our institution performing in a particular research field? What are the most prominent Topics my institution is active in?
  • The results can be used to help answer the enormously diverse questions that are faced in the management of research. The results are also a powerful communication tool to showcase the distinctive strengths of a nation’s or institution’s research to community.

You can use SciVal to:

SciVal Features

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