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ENGL 3940: Grant Writing

A resource guide for Introduction to Grant Writing for Community Engagement (ENGL 3940)

The Grant Cycle, Step 2: Research

the grant cycleThe grant cycle includes the following steps:

  1. Define your project. What is the project you need to fund?
  2. Research the need for the project. Why is this project significant? Who might be interested in funding it?
  3. Prepare the grant. This includes writing the narrative, preparing the budget and forms, and meeting and communicating with stakeholders who have ideas and information you need.
  4. Apply for the grant.
  5. Award the grant, and accept it if you're lucky!
  6. Manage the grant-funded project post-award.
  7. Closeout the project by reporting and sharing results.

While knowledge of the whole cycle or process is essential for effective grant writing, the main labor of "grant writing" refers to steps 1-3, which you'll practice for your grant proposal projects in ENGL 3940.

This research guide is designed to help you with step 2: Research.

What's In This Guide?

In this guide, you will find resources to help you do research for your grant proposals in ENGL 3940. Use the tabs to the left or the links below to navigate pages.

  • Community Needs Research
  • Find Funding
  • eBooks and Tips
  • Grammar and MLA Style
  • Help With Grants Research
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